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Online training on how to install your Ledger hardware wallet

CHF 160.00

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How does it actually work with the hardware wallet?
How do I make a backup?
These and more questions will be answered in this training.
Nothing is more important than security when dealing with your coins. Because with the blockchain not only the full control over your property comes back to you, but also the full responsibility. We take one hour of time for you and show you the correct handling of your new hardware wallet. After this training, you will be ready to take the first steps in storing your cryptos yourself!

This is what you get:
1 hour online training on how to set up;
Basic knowledge about how it works;
Basics on how to store your Seed;
Instructions on how to set up your Ledger hardware wallet;
Assistance in setting up your Ledger Hardware Wallet;
10 francs in crypto;
First time using transactions.

Basics / div. basic knowledge;
Setting up the device;
Knowledge for handling.

You may contribute:
Your hardware wallet – Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano S Plus or Ledger Nano X;
Laptop, desktop PC, tablet or cell phone (USB interface cable);
An internet connection at your location;
Download and update of Ledger Live software;
The training is offered in English and German.
Once you have booked the training, we will contact you to schedule the training.


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