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KYC Person

4bridges makes compliance easy! With KYC Person, you can allow an external individual to deposit directly into your Silver account!

Are you in search of innovative financial products for currency exchange or payments? Join the 4bridges ecosystem! In a time when compliance and transparency in the global financial market are of utmost importance, we offer exactly what you’re looking for.

Our KYC Person package includes:
  • Onboarding: We create a compliance folder for your external individual, enabling them to deposit FIAT funds directly into your Silver account.
  • Security: We guarantee that compliance data is kept current and secure in Switzerland.
  • FATF Compliance: Trust in our expertise; we will keep you informed.
Why use video identification?

Quick and secure, just like in-person meetings! With real-time video identification, we verify the identity of the deposited funds and document the conversation.

Who’s behind the finances?

We’ve checked it! Currency exchange, payments, or the purchase of cryptocurrencies are exciting financial products, but it’s essential to know who is behind them. We conduct a thorough review.

Compliance with the rules?

Of course, no worries, we are here to help! The relationship between parties in transactions and KYC regulations, such as whitelisting, may seem complex initially, but we have the understanding and are ready to answer any questions.

What does KYC Person cost?

Only 80 CHF per year! A year of security and innovative compliance service doesn’t have to be expensive.

Why choose 4bridges?
  • We know how it’s done: Our compliance team is experienced and knowledgeable.
  • Simple and understandable: Anyone can understand our onboarding and KYC process.
  • Data Security? Absolutely! KYC data is securely stored in Switzerland in accordance with Swiss law.

4bridges makes compliance with KYC rules easy and secure!


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