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KYC Person

Compliance for you: 4bridges makes KYC Onboarding simple!

Want to use cryptos safely? You’re in the right place with 4bridges! We offer a KYC package that is straightforward, transparent, and secure.

Why Video Identification? Reliable, comfortable, fast, and secure, just like a face-to-face appointment! With live video identification, we verify who you are.

Who’s behind the money? We check that! Crypto is cool, but the payer must be clear. We scrutinize this thoroughly, keeping you on the safe side.

Compliance with rules? Absolutely, with us! Whitelisting and KYC rules can sometimes be complex. But don’t worry, we have the insights and assist with inquiries about whitelisting your external wallet.

What’s the cost of the KYC Package? Just 80 CHF/EUR per year! Security and quality compliance service don’t have to be expensive.

Why 4bridges is top-notch:

  • We know the drill: Our compliance team is well-versed and knowledgeable.
  • Simple and clear: Everyone can understand our onboarding and KYC process, guaranteed.
  • Data security? Absolutely! KYC data is securely stored in accordance with Swiss law.


Ready to Kickstart your journey with crypto? 4bridges makes KYC easy and secure!


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