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Collecting ICO investor funds via 4bridges

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Are you planning an ICO?

How to Securely Raise ICO Investor Funds

How to Securely Raise ICO Investor Funds

Got a great idea for an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), but worried about complying with AML regulations for collecting investor funds according to FINMA ICO Guidelines? Don’t panic, 4bridges is here to help. 4bridges provides a secure and straightforward solution for raising funds for your ICO.

Why Conduct Your ICO with 4bridges?

4bridges specializes in assisting startups and companies with investor compliance checks and regulatory compliance, especially in the area of anti-money laundering laws. With extensive experience in compliance, 4bridges helps ensure that your ICO fundraising is sustainable.

The Benefits for ICOs with 4bridges

  • AML-compliant Solution: 4bridges allows you to collect fiat and cryptocurrencies in compliance with applicable anti-money laundering regulations, providing the ICO with security over the funds raised.
  • Security and Trust for Investors: By complying with the regulations, you build trust with potential investors and enhance the credibility of your ICO project.
  • Easy Integration of Fiat and Cryptocurrencies: With 4bridges, you can easily accept various fiat and crypto currencies for your ICO.
  • Competent Team with Compliance Experience: Our compliance team consists of experts well-versed in the complex AML requirements in the crypto space.

How It Works

The process with 4bridges is straightforward. Sign up on our crypto exchange 4cash, share the details of your ICO via the internal messenger, and we’ll send you a quote. The 4bridges team assists with investor onboarding and verifies the funds contributed to ensure they can contribute to the ICO’s success sustainably.


Conducting an ICO through a financial institution may sound complicated at first, but with 4bridges by your side, you can relax about compliance. The 4bridges team verifies AML compliance simply and effortlessly, allowing you to focus on what really matters—your ICO project.

Start today and take your ICO project to the next level with 4bridges!

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