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4bridges Integrates TradingView Charts to Revolutionize Virtual Trading

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency trading, 4bridges is always on the lookout for new ways to stay ahead of the curve with a range of unique tools and comprehensive insights. The latest method to achieve this is the integration of TradingView charts into our cryptocurrency exchange 4cash.

Now, the Web3 community can enhance their experience and trading skills by utilizing TradingView charts on 4cash for technical analysis and experimenting with various tools within TradingView.

This innovative enhancement enables the community to make more informed decisions by seamlessly switching between charts and the powerful analysis features of TradingView.

Volatility Creates Opportunities: Understanding Markets

4cash by 4bridges has been a unique crypto exchange for years, allowing the Web3 community to open multiple spot positions with just a few clicks. 4cash is operated by the Web3 Community in St.Gallen, enabling the Web3 community to multiply their crypto portfolios in both bull and bear markets, seizing opportunities wherever there is volatility.

Both experienced and novice traders can find the right tools at 4cash. The Swiss-regulated crypto exchange 4cash has found an innovative way to simplify complex strategies, allowing the Web3 community to focus on the essentials. With TradingView charts, the Web3 community now has another avenue to efficiently enhance their trading skills.

4bridges and TradingView Charts: Making Informed Decisions

Recognizing that TradingView has the industry’s best charts for technical analysis, it made sense to combine them with a currency exchange like 4cash.

With the new TradingView charts, the Web3 community can now dive deeper than ever into price trends, historical patterns, and indicators crucial for informed trading decisions.

Simon T. Fundel, CEO of 4bridges, commented on this announcement: “TradingView is renowned for its advanced charting tools, offering a variety of indicators for technical analysis, creative drawing tools, and customizable features catering to traders of all levels. This aligns perfectly with 4bridges’ philosophy and the Web3 community’s belief that cryptocurrencies can and should be accessible to everyone.”

The Benefits of TradingView & 4bridges

The integration of TradingView charts into 4cash brings a range of benefits supporting the Web3 community:

Real-time data: The Web3 community has access to real-time price data, enabling them to respond immediately to market volatility: Explore 6 crypto pairs in full.

Advanced analysis: With TradingView’s diverse range of technical indicators and drawing tools, the Web3 community can conduct in-depth technical analysis within the 4cash trading platform.

Efficient decision-making: Make informed, secure, and data-driven decisions with TradingView and 4bridges’ intuitive currency exchange 4cash.

Synchronization: Since TradingView charts are available within the 4cash platform, the Web3 community can seamlessly transition from managing open positions to technical analysis without the need for multiple platforms.

Personalization: Become an artist and personalize your trading charts with various graphics, timeframes, chart types, and indicators.

How to Use TradingView Charts in 4cash

Using TradingView charts in 4cash is straightforward. Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Log in to your 4cash account and navigate to the Exchange section in the menu bar.

Step 2: Change the default trading pair to the desired pair by clicking directly on the TradingView pair (e.g., BTC/CHF) to open the sidebar. Once you’ve selected the trading pair, you’ll find the charts, where you can switch between the 4cash market chart and the international TradingView market chart.

Step 3: In TradingView mode, customize your chart to your preferences and strategy.

Step 4: Utilize the unique insights from TradingView to refine your trading strategy and improve your decision-making ability.

We’re excited to bring this innovation to all members of the Web3 community. We know you’ll enjoy experimenting with all the creativity at your disposal. So, try it out now and let us know what you think!

Your 4bridges Team

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