Cross Chain DAO – dApp – ETH Global Hackathon Istanbul 2023

Cross Chain DAO

Exploring the Ethereum Web3 Space

Istanbul, the team of 4bridges – web3Degens spent eight days participating in exciting events like Labweek, DevConnect, and ETHGlobal in Istanbul. It was a week filled with thrilling presentations, new technologies, and promising connections.

The Web3 Space in Istanbul

Web3 technologies like zk.Link, zk.Proof, zk.Sync, zk.Rollup, RPC, L2, L3, DAOs, Web3IDs, MEV Blocker, and Web3-Social-Media promise exciting future prospects. The pinnacle was the ETH Global Istanbul, the largest Ethereum hackathon ever, with over 1’350 hackers and 427 incredible projects.

Debut at the Hackathon

Utilizing inputs from Labweek and DevConnect, the team was ready to develop something new in the Web3 space within 40 hours. The decision: to build the first Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for cross-chain voting – the project “Cross Chain DAO.”

Project Overview

The goal was a DAO dApp for decentralized voting across various blockchains.

Challenges and Solutions

The Cross Chain DAO aimed to overcome barriers, allowing users to speak freely and vote without technical hurdles.

Technologies used

The application uses Metamask Snaps and Chainlink CCID to inform DAO members across different blockchains and enable voting.

Achievements and Highlights

  • Functional Cross Chain DAO dApp
  • Active Github repository
  • Creation of a project page
  • Video documentation of the project
  • Deployment of Smart Contracts on Linea
  • Winning an Arbitrum pool prize

Project Links

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