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Upcoming Webinar: Inclusive Futures – Digital Financial Inclusion to Achieve the SDGs

SDG Webinar

Midway to the 2030 SDG Targets: The Power of Digital Financial Integration

Are you aware of where we stand right now? We’re already halfway to the 2030 SDG targets. SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) aren’t just buzzwords; they’re our collective roadmap to a better future. And now is the moment to delve deep into the potential of digital financial inclusion to realize these objectives.

Why is this the pivotal moment? Because it’s essential for policymakers, researchers, and society at large to come together and assess how the digital financial landscape can bolster the effective implementation of SDGs.

Our digital event spotlights what has been accomplished on this exhilarating journey, the invaluable lessons we’ve gleaned, and introduces cutting-edge approaches to accelerate progress. We’ll particularly zoom into areas like Gender Equality (SDG 5), Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG 8), and Climate Action (SDG 13) – topics gaining paramount importance in the digital era.

The UN General Assembly is on the horizon. And before the world’s top heads of state discuss SDGs’ progresses and challenges, we offer you an exclusive insight into the matter. Stay informed and remain a step ahead in this pivotal debate with us!

The experts: From Leora Klapper of the World Bank to Ruth Goodwin-Groen from the UN-based Better Than Cash Alliance – they’ll all share invaluable knowledge, ideas, and experiences in transforming SDGs into reality.

And the best part? You’re a part of this! Come and enrich the dialogue. It’s about our shared future. Look forward to an enlightening and engaging time with us on September 12th!

Speakers will include:

Opening remarks: Leora Klapper, World Bank

SDG 5:

  • Hinjat Shamil, Ministry of Finance, Ethiopia
  • Emma Riley, University of Washington

SDG 8:

  • Majdi Smeirat, Central Bank of Jordan
  • Paul Gertler, UC, Berkeley & Sean Higgins, Northwestern University

SDG 13:

  • Camila Zepeda, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mexico
  • Flavio Malagutti, UC, Santa Barbara & Edward Tsinigo, Innovations for Poverty Action

Closing remarks: Rajesh Bansal, Reserve Bank Innovation Hub

Moderator: Ruth Goodwin-Groen, UN-based Better Than Cash Alliance

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